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Hello, everyone! This is Great Ideas for Teachers On today’s video we are going to teach you a vocabulary game. If you have active students they’re gonna enjoy this game What’s the name of the game? Guess what What?

That’s the name of the game Okay. Guess what.

So for this game you need cards with a vocabulary you want to review and a die.

Divide the class into two groups Each student has to get a card with a word but not tell the group what the word is The rest of the class has to guess the word And here is where this game gets different Students roll the die If they get a one they have to mine the word Using just one hand If they get a two they can mine normally if they get a three They have to make noises not talk just make noises if they get a four they have to draw the word


If they get a five they have to explain the word without using the word, of course And if they get a six they can choose which form they want to use Okay Let’s demonstrate So let’s show how we would be with the word bottle. Pedro, mime with one hand.

Okay Drink one hand Drink ah Okay, bottle Ana, mime normally Oh No noise, just mime.

Okay Okay, nice now, I’ll make noises, okay What’s that? A bottle! Okay, okay four.

Pedro! Draw! Oh, it’s bad Do you want me to draw?- No, it’s Pedro’s turn. a thermos You know what a bottle is, right?

It has a neck! A bottle has a neck! A water bottle, ok! Now, five. Ana, explain.

When you want to drink something for example some beer generally, it comes in a Bottle.

Oh Cup Tea comes in a cup. Not not beer Okay, so beer comes in a glass Okay, but it’s the container Okay a bottle.

Okay. Okay, and if you draw six, then you can choose if you want to mine with one hand (nobody is gonna choose that) if you wanna mime normally, if you want to make noises, if you want to draw or if you wanna explain Okay, so let’s play now. Ana. You’re gonna be the teacher.

Okay, so Cris, it’s your turn. Please roll the dice and Choose a card first Five okay. So explain it’s an animal from Africa Elephant!

Yes, it’s an elephant! One point for me Okay, now Pedro, please, it’s your turn roll the die Please take one card – Three Make noises Dog?

One point for me. Yeah, dog, okay now Cris your turn, roll the dice One. Mime with one hand. Take care!Sorry! Circle! Ring Yes!

Very good! One point for Cris One point for you, two for Cris. Yes my turn now Six you can choose I want to explain when you want to Make something cold. You put it on the on the in the Freezer no, it’s similar but different refrigerator yes!

Nice, Pedro. 2-2 – my turn Roll the die. three OK, again. OK, make noises, Cris. River. Eating. Hamburger. Nice! First I fried… then I ate. Wow, thank you! It is a hamburger. I should be getting the points. OK, Pedro, your turn.

Usually the people mime to their own group, not to their opponents, right.

Okay Six Okay, I’ll mine, okay Sit. Chair Sofa yeah Cris your turn. Please take a card roll the die 6I’ll draw Here you are It’s a television. I’m an old person. My television has antennas. Nice. A TV. Yes television Okay So we have prepared these cards and they’re available in the description for you

Well, we hope you have enjoyed playing


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